Intentional Families

Excitement is brewing, your big day is approaching, the day that’s been on your mind since the proposal. This is it, it’s really happening!

Fast forward 5, say 10 years. The butterflies and excitement are a figment of your imagination. Looking after the kids has worn you down, or perhaps pursuing parenthood has eluded you and the ache is intense.

Does it get any better? Is there anything to look forward to now? Besides that annual beach-side holiday…

Bills pile up and the same mundane responsibilities just won’t go away. The arguments become more frequent over the smallest things.

How can you enjoy life the way it is? Is this what ‘Til death do us part’ meant? Death of boredom?

It doesn’t have to be!!

How do I know this? I’m married myself, 10 years this year actually! And we have been there. We’ve had the fifth year blues, the pain of infertility for too long, parenting our only child through it all.

Thankfully, through my training and both of our stubborn persistence, we have come through it all. I would love to pass on these tips and tools for you too!

Families are built on the marriage relationship, whether formal or informal.For a healthy family, you need a healthy marriage to start with.

I continue to witness the pain of marriages not working, whether they have been for years or whether they are newly weds. If both of you are willing and determined to fight for your marriage, then this is the place to be.

Introducing Intentional Families. A place of personal development focusing on marriage, parenting, and your individual identity.

Intentional Marriage is the first course to be rolled out. This course is for those who want to improve their marriage, or to make sure your marriage is rock solid! This would be perfect for couples to do for their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd wedding anniversary.

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