Intentional Marriage

Life as a wife is…I mean what is life as a wife? You spend your days juggling career, kids, house, and this other person called a husband. How can you expect to do it all? You hardly see him anymore. You feel more like housemates than lovers.
This sure isn’t what you signed up for. You dreamed of finding the one to spend your life with. To match the Disney stories your children watch. Instead, life is passing by, and it is boring and frustrating.

Are you sick of feeling lonely when the house is full? Wouldn’t it be nice to anticipate seeing your husband after a long, busy day? To not feel like he is another person to please and tick off the list? There is one solution. Being intentional. Intentional about your relationship. Reaching out to connect out of a place of fresh vulnerability, where trust can grow and deepen. Where there are no words to describe your relationship.

Imagine looking forward to seeing your husband come home. To work as a team. To hug all the time. To take spontaneous trips in the car, curl up on the couch watching a movie together, having those intense conversations debating society, life and politics and finish laughing together. To feel completely safe and comforted. To no longer feel alone.

It is lonely to be in that place, the weight of the world on your shoulders. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can change that story! You can take action and start living the married life you dream of.

Ok, well maybe not the glass slipper and pumpkin coach one!


Though you want the one where you are connected to your husband, where you experience that deep passion and commitment that you felt in the early days.
No matter what else is piling up on your to-do list, with your marriage working the way it should, nothing will feel insurmountable!

You can take that first intentional step today.

Introducing Intentional Marriage. A course designed to walk you through the steps of connecting intimately and intentionally. This course can be completed as a couple or by yourself to invest in your part of the marriage. You will learn how to engage together deeply, experience conflict productively, and to learn more and more about yourself and your husband.

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