Is Counselling for You?

This is such an important question to explore – is it really for you?

Going to counselling is a big decision to make. Often it involves a considerable investment, whether that be time, finances, emotions. You want to be sure that you are talking to someone who will give you that safe space to work through the hurt and pain that living life can bring. You may have been hurt in the past by people you trusted, what will make a counsellor any different?

Then there is the other side of retelling your story. It can be exhausting, to say the least. Once you are there, how long will this go on for? You don’t want to just talk it out, you want to change, you want action. You can talk it out with any friend (generally!), why pay someone when you can get it for free?

Your time, finances and emotional energy is valuable. Noone can waste these resources. The approach I come with is to teach you how to counsel yourself. This will equip you with the tools and resources to move forward, healthily tackling future obstacles as they arise. You can get to the point where you start to ask yourself questions that you know I would ask of you in a session, to explore if that thought is actually real. Or to start thinking outside of the box with different strategies and ideas to deal with uncomfortable feelings as they creep up on you in the middle of the night.

Counselling is for anyone who has experienced:

  • A traumatic or hurtful event either recently or in the past;
  • For those who struggle with daily life challenges; and,
  • Those who are unsure of how to help someone close to them overcome their hurdles.
  • If you are starting or expanding your family, seeing a counsellor can help you to set a healthy foundation for your family before issues arise, saving you a lot of future heartaches.

Throughout the therapy Respire Counselling Services Australia offers, you will gain practical insight into past hurts and unhealthy thought-belief patterns.

Counselling is not just about being listened to, there needs to also involve a plan, tailor-made for each person/family. This requires work on your behalf. When a person signs up for a gym membership, you pay the fees each month. Though unless you actually go to the gym and put the hard work in, the only difference you will see is in your bank account.

Respire Counselling is for you if you want to improve your life holistically, or to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. You are of great value, and so anything you find challenging will be treated with care and respect.

Are you ready to take back your life? To find your way amid the chaos? To enjoy your relationships again? Contact me to organise a free 15-minute consult today.

Blessings, Jess