Book Review – Toxic Mom Toolkit: It’s not you. It’s her.

Families are complicated at the best of times; not one family is the same as another. It is particularly difficult when, as a child, your relationship with your mother is not the same as those around you. Seeing mothers and their children going out and having fun together, cuddling and joking around. A natural response … More Book Review – Toxic Mom Toolkit: It’s not you. It’s her.

Fighting in marriage

  Oh the arguments we had before we were married! It was so important at the time, though looking back now it is quite laughable.These days we have heated discussions, though those arguments taught us a lot about each other. We learnt about our needs, our boundaries, and our temperaments.That doesn’t mean it was good … More Fighting in marriage


Sheldon Cooper, while searching for a birthday present with Penny for Leonard’s first birthday party, divulged that he had to find the perfect present for Leonard in order to ensure that he is not severely disappointed as Sheldon was when at his 12th birthday, instead of receiving the desired titanium centrifuge to separate radioactive isotopes, … More Empathy