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Swimming Against the Tide: A refreshingly real blog about life, faith, and mental health. I love to swim against the tide and ride waves full frontal. After a lifetime of Office Management in administration and finance, I find myself wanting to finally engage in my passion of writing and empowering others for the betterment of … More Recommended Reading

Helping others: 5 questions to boost your helping productivity

Growing up I dreamed of having 6 kids, going to Africa to help with missions, explored every opportunity to sponsor kids, I jumped at every opportunity to help others before considering what was involved. I still do mind you, though I have improved a lot. A lot of my desire to help others, was actually … More Helping others: 5 questions to boost your helping productivity


Sheldon Cooper, while searching for a birthday present with Penny for Leonard’s first birthday party, divulged that he had to find the perfect present for Leonard in order to ensure that he is not severely disappointed as Sheldon was when at his 12th birthday, instead of receiving the desired titanium centrifuge to separate radioactive isotopes, … More Empathy